Soils & Aggregates

Soils (You pick up or we deliver to you by the Cubic Yard.)

$40/Yard or $4.49/30L Bag + Delivery

Made from 1/3 topsoil, 1/3 peat loam, 1/3 manure - this rich soil is ideal for the vast majority of landscaping applications.
  • Can be directly planted into.
  • Can be mixed with any existing soil.
  • Ideal choice for filling-in new flower beds and fertilizing before laying sod.
  • Helps break down clay conditions in soil and bulk up soil that is too sandy.
If you wish to fertilize soil and help amend a soil that has a lot of clay or sand consider using triple mix. Triple Mix is recommended for filling-in and topping up existing flower beds.

QUAD MIX  now available
$48/Yard or $4.49/25L Bag + Delivery

Recommended for top dressing and veggie gardens.

  • Mushroom compost added
  • Light fluffy soil heavy with organic matter
  • Allows for aeration and quick drainage
  • Great for root development in veggies, annuals/ perennials and grass seed

Top Soil
$35/Yard or $3.99/30L Bag + Delivery

Generally recommended for use when significantly raising the grade of an area that you wish to cultivate with grass, flowers or vegetables.
  • Excellent for filling-in around swimming pools.
  • For use when raising the existing grade over 10 inches.
  • A good alternative to triple mix when considering ordering vast quantities. 10 yards or more.
Used to raise the grade of an area that you later wish to cultivate greater than one foot.

Manure or Compost (Bagged product only)

Forget miracle grow, fertilize your garden the natural way. It does not get much more organic than this!
  • Minimal odor (aged a few years)
  • Shredded for easy handling (no lumps)
A staple of most good gardens. Use Manure if you are happy with the conditions of your soil and wish to fertilize it only.

Top Dressing 
$7.99/ 42L Bag

A rich soil blend intended for organically fertilizing your existing lawn.
  • Can be used for over-seeding
  • Suitable to most soil conditions
  • Shredded for easy spreading
  • Can be used for over-seeding
Used for naturally fertilizing your existing lawn.

What is a Cubic Yard? 
27 cubic feet (3x3x3) or between 6-8 wheelbarrows depending on how much you load them.
Most gardeners with average size homes could easily make due with 2-3 cubic yards annually. Need Help Estimating? Come in and see us or call us at 905-773-4455.


$45/yard or $3.99/35L Bag
+ Delivery

Limestone Screening

Limestone screenings are one of the most versatile aggregates. From use with interlocking stone to ground cover.
  • For installing patio stones and interlocking pavers.
  • Commonly used as a compacted base.
  • Retains shape when compacted.
Used as a base underneath patio, interlocking and flagstone. It compacts very well and displaces water.

Crushed Limestone or Crusher Run

Crushed limestone has a variety of practical applications. It is made up of ¾” crushed gravel and contains limestone fines that when compacted create a solid base. It is used under driveways, interlocking pavers and slabs, patio stones, interlock retaining walls, armor stone walls, etc.

  • For use in applications requiring drainage or ground-cover.
  • Mix with screenings to be used as a compacted base.
  • Commonly used as a compacted base for interlocking stone driveways, concrete pads etc.

3/4" Clear Limestone Gravel

¾” clear gravel is a washed product that is used as a base only when compaction is not possible.

¾” clear gravel allows for drainage around foundations, behind walls, around and under weeping tile, under decks, drainage ditches, under concrete pads, can be mixed with concrete, etc.

(Call for availability)

We sell both Brick Sand and Concrete Sand. They can be used be used for both work and play.
  • Available as Brick Sand or Concrete Sand.
  • Brick sand is a fine sand used to make mortar.
  • Concrete Sand is slightly more coarse and more suitable for mixing concrete
  • Either can be used as play sand depending on personal preference.
A fine sand mainly used as the key ingredient in mortar or concrete, most children call it play sand.

Concrete sand is a great alternative to Play Sand as it can more easily brushed off clothing.

Ground Cover

Pea Gravel
(Call for availability)

Pea Gravel is typically used as a ground cover.
$80/Yard OR $6.49 / Bag
  • Attractive product 3/8 in size or smaller.
  • Used in areas where a clean natural looking and an easily traverse ground-cover is desired.
  • Commonly used for a dog run or in areas where people give up on vegetation.
Used in areas where foot traffic is intended. Pathways, Dog Runs, etc.

River Rock-Stone
$90/Yard or $6.99/ Bag + Delivery

River Stone or River Rock is typically used as a ground cover.
  • Available in sizes (1-3", 3-5", 8-12").
  • Used in areas where a clean easily traverse ground-cover is desired.
A decorative natural looking ground-cover used in areas where foot traffic is unlikely to occur.

Mulch (Cedar, Pine)
$45/Yard or $7.99/ Bag + Delivery
Made from shredded trees mulch is an excellent ground-cover that has many benefits.
  • Discourages weed growth.
  • Helps keep soil cool and moist, making the need to water less frequently.
Used as both a decorative ground-cover around plants and shrubs, and as a means of reducing the need for watering.