Snow Removal Contract

This document when signed and dated below by the parties listed herein constitutes an agreement for Oak Hill Garden Center to provide snow removal service as detailed below, in exchange for payment of cash, cheque or credit card by the Client as detailed below.

Snow Removal Client:
Name: ____________________ Phone: __________ Email: _________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

Snow Removal Service Term:
Start Date: ________________ (with 1st payment) End Date: ________________ (with 2nd payment)

Snow Removal Service Type:
One (1) Inch Accumulation Service ___ Two (2) Inch Accumulation Service ___

Single Driveway __ Double Driveway __ Triple Driveway __ Other ________________

Walkway __ Stairs __

Special Instructions: ___________________________________________________________

Total Payment Amount:
$___________ + GST $_________ = $___________

Paid with:
Cash __ Credit Card __ Other _________

Payment Schedule:
1st Payment $_______________ + GST Payment Due Date: ___________________

2nd Payment $_______________ + GST Payment Due Date: ___________________

Terms & Conditions:
· Driveway should be clear of all parked motor vehicles and other obstructions before snow removal.
· One return trip will be made to the property to remove snow from driveway left because of obstructions from first visit.
· Every attempt will be made to plow within 4-8 hours of any snowfall. Times may vary due to extreme weather conditions or any required maintenance to related snow removal equipment.
· There is no limit to the number of clearings made on any one snowfall or throughout the winter.
· We will not be liable for any injuries and/or lawsuits made against you and/or your property by any third for any reason.
· We do not insure against, nor are we responsible for the formation of ice.
* It is your responsibility to keep premises safe and clear of ice.

· We will not be responsible for any damage to any landscaping, trees, rocks, retaining walls, walkways, pavers, stairs, decks, garbage cans etc. that are covered in snow and not visible or clearly marked by owner.

* Either party may cancel this agreement at any time with minimum 7 days notice. Any applicable refunds will be minus the pro rated days used and include a 5% administration fee.

Agreement Date: ________________________

Oak Hill Garden Center (Signature): _____________________________

Client (Print Name): _________________ Client (Signature): __________________