Lawn Maintenance

Package includes spring and fall clean-up, one spring or fall aeration, monthly full service maintenance and lawn cut and trim once per week.

  • Lawn Cut & Trim
  • Lawn Fertilizer
  • Lawn Feed
    (monthly or as needed)
  • Clean & Turn Beds
  • Top Dress Soil & Seed
    (as needed)
  • Aeration

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We sell the best quality sod available in Southern Ontario.
  • Each roll covers an area of 9 square feet. A 900 square foot lawn will need 90 rolls.
  • Instant lawn just unroll and water
  • Sod is delivered weekly, high quality and can be planted spring summer and fall.
  • Picked up or Delivered to you by the roll.
Grass Seed
When it comes to a great lawn, buying premium seed makes a huge difference in the long run.
We offer the highest quality premium grass in Canada, available in 3 different mixtures Shade, Full Sun and Sun Shade Mix.

We sell the best quality organic fertilizers available in North America.

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